Qfm Jazz Radio Tenerife (Spain)

Listen to Qfm with one of these formats!

In addition to broadcasting the coolest selection of Jazz, Soul, Blues and Chillout in the Canary Islands on 94.3FM since 2005, Qfm also offers a choice of 3 different streaming formats. Whether you need to limit data transfer, listen on a computer, or enjoy high quality audio on a HiFi system, there's a stream format for you!

Qfm Standard Stream Player Qfm Data Saver Stream Player Qfm HD Stream Player


Qfm is now broadcasting on DAB+ on Tenerife

Qfm has taken another step forward, and in addition to 94.3FM in South Tenerife and the surrounding islands, now also broadcasts on DAB+ (Digital Radio) all over the island of Tenerife. Just about all modern vehicles are factory fitted with radio receivers which are DAB+ compatible. And many home HiFi systems also come with DAB+. So make the switch to DAB+, and get the best mix of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul and World Grooves with Qfm DAB+.


Luna Keller broadcasting on Qfm

Luna Keller is a young musician, singer and songwriter, raised in Tenerife. Luna has written over 200 songs, and has released several albums and EPs. In 2018, Luna performed as a guest artist in the Festival Jazz Roja. In addition to her incredible songwriting talent, she also hosts a monthly Radio show; Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs? 

Luna Keller on Qfm

The show is based around great independent songs from unsigned and emerging artists from around the World, and embraces styles including Chillout, Electronica, Acoustic Rock, Soul, Pop and everything else in between! Listen to Luna Keller on Qfm 94.3 and Qmusica.com at 17:00H, the first Friday of every month.


The Qfm Sunset Sessions with NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa

The Qfm Sunset Sessions, every evening on Qfm 94.3 and online; now sponsored by NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa. NaturaLeaf cultivate and market premium quality Moringa Oleifera, and offer worldwide shipping.

Qfm Sunset Sessions sponsored by NaturaLeaf Canarian Moringa


All About Qfm, Spain's Reference for Jazz Radio!

In 2005, Qfm was launched in El Médano, a coastal town in Granadilla Costa, Tenerife, with the aim of taking local FM radio, re-inventing it, and then promoting it to a Worldwide audience. The station is multilingual, with daily music shows presented in Spanish, English, German and Italian. Daily updated local and regional cultural information is broadcast in various languages.

Qfm 94.3 is Spain's only full time FM Radio station which embraces a Jazz format. In addition to it's FM broadcast zone in South Tenerife and the surrounding islands, Qfm also simulcasts with high quality free audio stream via this website. A lower bit rate AAC+ stream is also available for mobile devices.

Qfm is administered by a fully registered cultural association. The Asociación Cultural para la Difusión de las Artes y las Músicas de Canarias, registered with the Gobierno de Canarias (G1/S1/16504-10/TF), now operates and administers Qfm 94.3 and www.Qmusica.com as non-profit making entities, aimed at promoting unsigned and independent musicians, art and alternative Canarian Culture.

Qfm, with the colaboration of the Arona Town Hall, organize Festival Jazz Roja, an annual open air, free entry Jazz festival which takes place in Los Cristianos each year.

Qfm's Unique Style of Jazz Radio

Unique musical content is one of Qfm's key ingredients. Cool Jazz, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, Nu-Jazz, Soul, Urban Jazz, Bossa Nova, World Grooves, Cool Blues, JazzFunk and Balearic Chill make up the output. Worthy unsigned and independant artists are promoted,and we are not influenced by record labels, hyped charts or music industry manipulation.

This format is unique to Qfm, and judging by the positive response, has gained the station an immense amount of respect, as well as succeeding with the conversion to radio of many discerning music lovers, previously disenchanted by the over-commercialised music policies and out of date presentation of mainstream radio.

The Canary Islands have recently gained the title of the World's finest year round tourist destination, and are home to an growing core of cosmopolitan and sophisticated residents, both native to the Islands and immigrants from every continent. Qfm feels proud to have been part of this social transition, albeit in a small way.



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