Music Submissions to Qfm

Qfm 94.3 is Spain's only full time FM Jazz Radio station, broadcasting from Tenerife since 2005. We promote (totally free of charge)  regional, national and international artists via airplay. We also consider submissions for artists to participate in Festival Jazz Roja, an annual Jazz Festival in South Tenerife organized by Qfm 94.3.

We receive hundreds of submissions each month, so to increase your chance of getting airplay as soon as possible, please consider the following points.

  • Qfm's format includes Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Cool Jazz, Swing, Acid Juzz, Nu-Jazz, Soul, Funk, Blues, World Fusion, and anything similar. We will not consider Rock, Pop, Country, or similar genres.
  • Please send music as MP3 format, 192kb or 320kb, constant bit rate. It is important that the tracks you send originate from the master tracks, and not lower bit rate versions.
  • Please tag each track with the "Artist + Title" data, jusing the complete names. Please ensure that each track is edited correctly, and does not have large amounts of silence at the beginning and end.
  • Place all the tracks which you wish to send us into a folder, together with any artist information or biographies. Create a ZIP folder with this, and send it to your own email address via WeTransfer. Once the transfer is complete, WeTransfer will send you a download link. Copy and paste this into the message window of our contact page, fill in the rest of the contact form, and you're done!
  • Alternatively, we accept Dropbox links.
  • Please do not send links for YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive or SoundCloud. Unfortunately we will be unable to follow these up.